Publication Schedule

Randomly Accessed Poetics Publication Schedule

Randomly Accessed Poetics, Issue One: The Texture of Words has finally been released!

Issue 1 contains compositions by Gale Acuff, C. Albert, April Avalon, Patricia Babbitt, Shannon Barber, Eleanor Bennett, Philip V Bernier-Smith, Carla Blaschka, Bruce V Bracken, Randi Carlton, Sweet Cheeks, Louie Crew, Larry Crist, Aaron Dietz, Neil Ellman, Denise Falcone, Robert Lee Frazier, George Freek, Elizabeth Fountain, Margaret Elysia Garcia, Howie Good, Juleigh Howard-Hobson, William James, Terence Kuch, Duane Locke, Jan Marquart, Tera McIntosh, Joan McNerney, A.R. Minhas, Michael Neal Morris, B.Z. Niditch, Dan Nielsen, Felino A Soriano, Guy Swanson, Jessica Tyner, Thomas Zimmerman.



RAPoetics, Issue Two: Paint Darkness into Day, has been released. The cover art belongs to Heather Parker.

RAPoetics, Issue 2, 12/21/2012Issue 2 contains compositions by Kyrsten Bean (photo art & poetry), Mike Berger, Bud R. Berkich, Carla Blaschka, Matthew Brouwer, Kelvin Bueckert, Colin W. Campbell, Valentina Cano, Kanchan Chatterjee, Morgan Collado, Virginie Colline, Don Comfort, Alexander Dang, J.D. DeHart, Sarah Edwards (photo art), Neil Ellman, Kirk Erickson, Denise Falcone, John Grey, Carly Grove, Jack Haines, Dawnell Harrison, Kyle Hemmings, William James (Collage), Duane Kirby Jensen, Eli J. Joula, Keith Kennedy, Kenneth Kesner, Rusty Kjarvik, Craig Kurtz, Scott Laudati, Lianne Juliet Lester (Comic Illustration), Kim Logue (Collage & Poetry), Dion Loubser, Carrie Malarkey (photo art & poetry), Peter Marra, George Marrow, Savamma Maue, Joan McNerney, Sharon Meixsell, Laura Minning, Arian Moharari, Afzal Moolla, Ben Nardolilli, B.Z. Niditch, Stanley Morris Noah, Timothy Ogen, Heather Parker (photo art), Frederick Pollack, Kaleem Raja, Nathaniel S. Rounds, Fabio Sassi (photo art), Andrew J. Stone, Emily Strauss, D.C. la Terre, Shawnell Tolliver, K.C. Wilder, Purple Mark, Changming Yuan



RAPoetics Issue Three: Sifting Through Raw Words, has been released. The cover art belongs to Matthew Casey.

Issue 3, Sifting Through Raw WordsIssue 3 contains compositions by by C. Albert, Daniel Beaudoin, Mike Berger, Tim W. Boiteau, Matthew Casey, Allie Coker-Schwimmer, Tim Cole, Morgan Collado, Linda M. Crate, Holly Day, Alex Damov, Nate Depke, Colin Dodds, Doug Draime, Jason Constantine Ford, Elizabeth Fountain, Paige Edenfield, Jack Haines, Matthew P. Haubert, A.J. Huffman, John Kaniecki, Derrick Keeton, Craig Kurtz, Mirri Lane, Dion Loubser, Magen Mackay, Suvi Mahonen, David McLean, Susan P. McNally, Jesse Minkert, Giorgio Montanari, Frederick Pollack, Sy Roth, April Salzano, M. A. Schaffner, Samantha Seto, Imani Sims, Kurt Studenroth, D.C. la Terre, Emily Thomas, Veronica Valeanu, Jeffrey Williams, and Changming Yuan.



RAPoetics Issue 4, Heart Splatters into Significance is now available in two forms paper and e-ink. It features Washington State writers and artists. The cover was desinged by William James Lindberg.
Issue 4 - 6x9 PoD format

Issue 4 (released on December 21, 2013 as an e-book and on March 22, 2014 as a print book), contains works from Carla Blaschka, Jim Boggs, Greg Brisendine, Christine Clarke, Alfonso Colasuonno, Tim Cole, Larry Crist, Jim Davis, Doug Draime, Elizabeth Fountain, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Sarah Gawricki, Jack Haines, William Wright Harris, Dawnell Harrison, Christopher J. Jarmick, Duane Kirby Jensen, Annette Kluth, Craig Kurtz, Scott Laudati, Charley McAteer, Tera McIntosh, John McKernan, Sharon Meixsell, Dan Nielsen, B.Z. Niditch, Rafael Ayala Paez, Brandon Pitts, Raúl Sánchez, M. A. Schaffner, Carol Smallwood, Morris Stegosaus, Kurt Swalander, Andy Wilson, PurpleMark Wirth.



RAPoetics Issue 5, Anti Photonic Illumination, has published. The Cover image belongs to Sarah Gawricki.

6x9 starfield painted with image and logo integrated

Issue 5 (Released on June 24, 2014), displays work from Don Comfort, Bryan Edenfield, Christopher DeFeyter, Jim Ferguson, Pattie Flint, Margaret Elysia Garcia, Sarah Gawricki, Howie Good, John Grey, Ira Joel Haber, Christopher Wolfe, A.J. Huffman, Palash Kapoor, William James Lindberg, Staci Leigh, Bill Marles, Dave Mehler, Jesse Minkert, Taylor Napolsky, B.Z. Niditch, Richard Pinner, Thomas M. Ring, Ebi Robert, Rachel Rosenberg, April Salzano, Raul Sanchez, Weldon H. Sandusky, Samy Sfoggia, David Christopher la Terre, and Tamara Wyndham.



Issue 6 submissions for poetry, prose of all genres, and interior art are now open. Please send high resolution images only.

Ghost House © 2014 by William James Lindberg

Ghost House © 2014 by William James Lindberg

Submission for Issue Six: [THE THEME FOR GHOST HOUSE IS BODY OF MEMORIES OR ANY RANDOM POEM YOU’VE WRITTEN THAT COULD BE ABOUT GRIEF OR LOSS OR PAIN OR A LIFE LIVED OR NOT LIVED OR. . .], will close on 11/11/14. The release date for the sixth issue will be 12/31/14.

Essentially this is what I want to do with issue 6. Select poems and arrange them in an order that will, through random magic, form some kind of a narrative that is loosely themed around a BODY OF MEMORIES. Hopefully, these poems and images will form the bones of the GHOST HOUSE.







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