Submission & Format Suggestions


  1. Send 3-5 preferably unpublished poems or prose pieces in the body of your email to You may also attach them as a RTF or MS Word document.
  2. Include a slim-line 3rd person bio approximately 40 words in length.
  3. a.   A few links to your web presence.
    b.   If your piece was first published elsewhere (like on your blog), please include a brief bibliography.
  4. Use easy to read fonts.
  5. Use “standard” left aligned formats.
  6. a.   Creative formats, multiple line indents, and/or concrete poetry do not work with e-books. If you have such a poem, submit it as jpeg. Scan your poem at a minimum size of 300 dpi (Dots Per square Inch).
  7. Limit prose and flash fiction works to around 500 words for online and e-book publication.
  8. Photo optional. (If your photo is interesting, we may include it for publication)
  9. Put RAPoetic Submissions in the subject line.
  10. Format the Title Header of each piece as follows:



6 thoughts on “Submission & Format Suggestions

    • It all depends on how much free time I have. In the past, I would review submissions a few months prior to putting together a new issue. Then I would schedule website posts at the same time. In the fall of 2015, I took a full time graveyard shift job so I could get full coverage health insurance and my free time dried up. Now I am only doing website publications. I started reading submissions a month ago when I needed to fill up the website posts.

      I don’t know if that answers your question.

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