Submission Guidelines

Randomly Accessed Poetics features work continuously on the Home Page of this website. We accept poetry and prose of any genre including essays, flash fiction, short stories, and spoken word. We also love photo art, collage, and single panel comic illustrations. Please see the Publication Schedule for general issue themes, special directions, issue release dates, and submission periods.

If you’re interested in contributing to the Randomly Accessed Poetics online literary e-zine send 3 – 5 polished pieces to

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PLEASE NOTE: As of 2016, Randomly Accessed Poetics will only be accepting submissions for ONLINE PUBLICATION only. The editor to a full time night shift job in October 2015 and has little energy left over for producing paper and e-books. accepts previously published works.  

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Randomly Accessed Poetics provisionally accepts simultaneous submissions and previously published works. See page Issue Two Notes.

Randomly Accessed Poetics also welcomes submissions for photographs, collage, and single panel comic art. Image art will be featured on its own static page distinct from the weekly posts, but for the biannual e-zine publications only black-n-white (or color works that will easily render into black-n-white) images will be accepted. Please send up to twelve (or so) high resolution (300 dpi) images.

If your work is accepted for the issues you will receive a kindle download or a pdf copy of the magazine. I will send you an TIME-SENSITIVE email with details on how and where to acquire it.


NOTE: It could take the Red Stapler staff upwards of nine months to get back to you regarding your submission. I would like it to be quicker (and sometimes it is), but the majority of the poetry submitted for the issues is reviewed in the spring (or late winter) and fall (or late summer). If you’re work comes in too late, don’t fret, we will automatically deposit it into the next issue bucket of review.

Randomly Accessed Poetics, at the present moment, is a non-paying publication.

Acceptance grants Randomly Accessed Poetics one time electronic publishing rights. Upon publication (either online or in the e-mag issues), all rights immediately revert back to the author. If a work is published at Randomly Accessed Poetics and is later published elsewhere, we respectfully ask that you credit us as the original market.

Lastly, thank you for your support. Without your submissions this project would not exist.




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