Randomly Accessed Poetics is an online literary journal that celebrates words and their relationships to one another. R.A.P. takes a libertarian approach toward any given writer in that it has set no topic or genre restriction on works it features. Please see Submission Guidelines for more specific instructions.

Randomly Accessed Poetics (in association with the publisher Penhead Press) will publish a biannual downloadable (kindle) e-zine beginning with its first issue in the Spring of 2012. Each issue will contain approximately twenty-six entries as well as (photographic) artwork. In addition, each week I will feature one poem or story on this website with the writer’s respective bio. To read the writers’ I’ve already featured go to the Contributing Authors page to more easily navigate through the archives. Lastly, see the Publication Schedule for general issue themes, special directions, release and submission closing dates.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to pay any of the contributing authors. Maybe in the future this could change, but since momentary profit fails to happen with other literary journals, it is a safe bet place that the same will be true for the Randomly Accessed Poetics project. My hope is that it will pay for itself, which is about seventeen dollars a year for the domain name.

I would like to dream a yearly on-paper anthology into existence too, but that aspect of the project is totally dependent upon monetary support. We all know how much free cash poets have in their pocketbooks. And me, I’m always begging for spare change. If, however, you are interested in volunteering to assist the editorial or graphic design staff, or sponsoring this project, or both, please go to the submissions page and send me an email. And it would be double-plus good if you resided in Northwestern Oregon, then we could meet in person.

—William James







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